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Honey creaming and decrystallization machine, 150 L (210 kg), 400 V


Honey creaming machine is a mixing and stirring machine for production of creamed honey. Heated and insulated sides and bottom. Made of stainless steel, and fitted with fully automatic controller.  150 L (210 kg)

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The mixing action evenly distributes the seed crystals throughout the honey, creating uniformly creamed honey. In addition, the regular mixing helps to break up crystals that have grown too large. The end result is very smooth and spreadable creamed honey.

Automatic steering for honey creaming and machines with power supply 400 V

Digital heater controller with a range of temperatures between 30 °C and 55 °C

The creaming process is performed in a repetitive 2 phase "work – break" cycle. The mixer works for 15 minutes and then pauses for 1 hr. This process is repeated for 2-3 days to produce a quality honey with a similar consistency to butter.


  • Power supply: 400 V, 1,1 kW
  • Maximum speed: 36 rpm
  • Capacity: 150 L (210 kg)